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Friday, June 13, 2008

The Top 10 Considerations Before Making Money With Afflatus Marketing

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We would like to share some important tips about affiliate marketing and hope that the information provided below helps you to get success in affiliate marketing:

1.Choose a topic you know. It is best to start with an area you are familiear with. It may not provide you with the highest commission or even be the best managed, but it will make it easy on you. If it is a subject you know and are interested in it will be easier to build a site around it, and add your own personal touch and opions. If you try to do this with something unfamiliar it will become painful and boring to work on the site. Stick with what you know and grow from there.

2.Watch out for Banners. If success could be achieved by throwing up pages of banners--then there would be many more millionaires. If you put too many banners on your pages, stuff them under content, put them in rows, not only does this look bad it will also make people not want to click on the the banner. It will also make your site look crowded and ugly.

3.The "Best" Merchant Program does not exist. Where some may succeed with a specific merchant, others will fail. It is often true some will do poorly and others will be making a fist full of dollars. If you question this reasoning all you have to do is look at forum posts. One post will say my sales with this merchant were poor and a reply will come saying funny my sales are great. All you need to remember is to select a merchant based on what you know. At the early stages of your site it will be easy to swap merchants if you need to.

4. Use multiple merchants. You can use multiple merchants as long as you choose from the smae niche. You can select a few merchants from the same niche and it will give your visitors a variety. Promoting 3-4 merchants provides you with data on what your visitors want to see, and can tell you how well the different merchants perform against each other.

5.There is no Best Network. This is especially true when you consider that many really good programs do not even belong to a network. Make a network selection based on the tools it provides for you and its strong points as you see it. You need to also consider the merchant yuo are going to work with when looking for a network. Sometimes you might even hae to join an undesirable network because it has the merchant you really want. Tray all the main networks and see what works for you, then you can focus your time accordingly.

6.What are Content Sites. When visiting forums you might have heard the term "content sites". These sites provide educational and topical content about the products that the particular site is promoting. Content sites are easier to build if the merchant makes the content available to you and if you know about the products you are promoting. You need to remember your goal is to get them to clock off onto your site merchant's store. If you can't get them to click-through, then that means no sale.

7.What are Data (Product Info) Sites. On Data driven sites you are generally limited to pure product with no illusion of education. It is all about simply promoting the product and getting them to click-through to your merchant's store. These sites usally require access to data feeds, some knowledge of programming or access to software which can produce a web page from the data feed.

8.Beware of Parasites. You will see a lot of talk about "Parasites", "ParasiteWare" and "ScumWare." These applications redirect, overwrite or intercept your visitors and change them to their visitors. This will take away your commission and give it to them. Most of these masquerade as shopping support software, file sharing applications, browser help objects and hidden applications installed on the user's PC as drive-by installs or in bundled software packages. There are a lot of these, so to find out about them visit Most of these will hae some of the traits of SpyWare. By checking out the website listed, you will help consumbers protect themselves and your revenue as well.

9.Building your first Site. It will help if you know HTML and can use graphics software, but don't be discouraged if your skills in these areas is limited. There are a number of tools and merchant's around that include page generation tools and fast launch sites. These tools will help and are great, but make sure you always add some customization to it to make it unique to you. Search engines and directories will remove duplicate content.

10.Buying a domain name. Registereing with Geocities and Homestead has its place in the Internet world, but it is generally not wise to register a domain with them. You could get looked over by many search engines and directories by registering with them. Some affiliate managers will skip your site because they will think of it as a "Personal home page" and not a website. It is best to get a top level domain(LTD) name and some cheap, but reliable, hosting. When you are trying to pick a domain name, first think of what you are going to promote and base your domain name on that. Don't buy the domain name first and then decide what to sell.

About the author: Cliff Posey, owner of CRP Marketing, owns and operates Cliff has also operated several other successful web businesses including Love Song Cards and Radio Career Consultants. The content in this article was developed from his experience in these businesses and his continual research into further business improvements. This Blog is for discussion about web sites and web site traffic therefore your feedback is welcome.

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