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Friday, June 13, 2008

The Benefits of Using linkbait For Link Popularity and To Get Returning Visitors For a Website

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The way that linkbait works is that you write an article, someone likes it or dislikes it, then that person writes about what you said and puts a link to it in their post or article. linkbait is used to attract visitors to your website, which is done by causing them to be interested in what you said, whether it is because they did or did not like it. linkbait can spread through anger, interest, or knowledge seeking. It does not matter for what reason it spreads, just that it does spread. The more links going to and from your website for whatever reason the better. These inbound and outbound links are used by the search engine spiders to rank your site. The only reason for linking to and from sites is to increase the quantity and quality of the links on that website.

There are two ways to use linkbait: post specific, which is helpful or useful content written by an authority in a specific market, and post content, which will cause discussion and arguments about a specific market. No matter what form of linkbait that is used it attracts visitors to your website.

The goal of your content is to generate links back to you website from another website. Your goal is to get someone to read your content and write about it on their website showing a link back to your page were the content is located. It does not matter whether what they write is correct, loving or hateful; all of these will be beneficial as long as they are sending others to your site. This is basic viral marketing in that people don't just read your material, but webmasters who find you are either riled up enough to rant about your content on their website or love it enough so that they quote it and refer to it. When you accomplish this, it will be a never ending source of links for your site.

What happens with backlinks or one-way links from other sites? Search engines keep count of how many sites link back to your website, which gives you higher listings in their search engines and translates to more traffic for you site. This form of viral marketing is used by many successful webmasters; however, a lot of webmasters are overlooking this very easy method to increase their listing with natural search engines. Listings with natural search engines are something you don't have to pay for, but will help your website improve naturally and hang around in search engines for long periods of time.

There are several different types of linkbait to choose from. Let us examine the different types and then we will look at the best "always guaranteed to attract" forms that have been used since the term was.

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