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Friday, June 13, 2008

Pros and Cons of Free Website Hosting

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Free website hosting can be a good choice for new webmasters who have simple website content and a very tight budget. A free web site hosting provider charges nothing for their hosting services. This means that you can start a practice website or a business with little to no investment.

A no-cost web hosting provider is also great for people who have personal or casual website content that they want to share with family and friends. The services offered by a free web hosting provider are typically adequate for this purpose, particularly when there are no profits that can be made from the website content.

Cons of Free Web Site Hosting

Although free website hosting is a viable option for some webmasters looking to show off their website content, there are a lot of drawbacks to this kind of web hosting provider. To start, most free web site hosting companies only offer a sub domain name. This cannot only limit your potential to grow your website content; it can also make you look less legitimate to your customers.

Another big con to free web site hosting is the fact that webmasters who use a no-cost web hosting provider typically end up at the bottom half of the search engine rankings. If visitors cannot find your website, there is very little chance that they will ever see your website content.

There is also some question as to what viewers will see among website content that depends on free website hosting. It is not uncommon for a free or low-cost web hosting provider to put unwanted or unattractive banner ads and pop-ups on the sites that take advantage of free web site hosting services. In most cases, this is how a free web hosting provider makes money. If you don't want ads mixed in with your website content, you will want to think twice before choosing a free web hosting provider.

A few of the other drawbacks that come with displaying website content through a free web hosting provider involve dependability and bandwidth. Free website hosting companies are not always reliable and may have unexpected downtime. This means that visitors will not be able to view your website content when they access your website.

If downtime isn't a problem for a web hosting provider, bandwidth could still be an issue. Free website hosting companies are notorious for offering limited bandwidth, which means longer load times for your website content and missed profits if users get frustrated.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to choosing a web hosting provider to display your website content, it is important to analyze your needs and the services being offered. You also need to remember that you get what you pay for. Although free web site hosting can be an economical way to host website content, it is not always the best choice for people who want a quality, results-oriented web hosting provider. There is another article on this subject on my website. Go to the about the author section were you are reading this article and click on my website address, then go to articles and insight on the navigational bar to find it. This is a good companion article to this the one you are reading.

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