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Monday, December 1, 2008

Rules Every Business Owner Should Follow When Posting On Forums and Blogs

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Posting on blogs and forums has become a popular wey to buyild link popularity and traffic. This article explains the ins and outs of blog and forum posting

Many business owners have taken to posting on forums to market their products, services, or web site. Although online forums are a great way to spread word about a business, the act of posting can backfire if it isn't done correctly. There have been many business owners who have had to learn this lesson about forums the hard way. You can save yourself the grief they have experienced by following the seven golden rules of posting on forums.

#1 Post to Forums Regularly
Posting on forums regularly is a good idea. Members of the forums you frequent will take you and your web site more seriously if you are an active member of the community.

#2 Only Post to Forums When You Have Something to Say
Although posting on a regular basis is a good idea, you don't want to look like a spammer. In other words, you shouldn't make a forum post unless you have something valuable to add to the conversation.

#3 Refrain from Posting on Forums When You Are Angry There are some people out there who take great pleasure in infuriating
other people on web site forums. These people are sometimes known as forum trolls, web site trolls, or Internet trolls. They love to spread discord and start fights by posting on forums.

Although it can be tempting to respond to a web site troll in the heat of the moment, you should avoid forum posting when you're angry. It's too easy say something that you will regret later.

#4 Mention Your Web Site in Relevant Posts
Although it is OK to post about your web site or your products when posting, you should make sure you do so in relevant posts. If your web site, products, or services have nothing to do with the topic at hand, don't bring them up.

#5 Promote Your Web Site in Forums That Allow Signatures
If you're shy or if you are having difficulty mentioning your website when posting, you can always include a link to your web site in your forum signature. Most forums allow users to have signatures at the bottom of posts. Some will even allow you to include a logo, photo, or description of your business.

#6 Try Not To Sound Like a Marketer When Posting to Forums
Forum posting is a great way to market your web site, products, or services. At the same time, you don't want to make it too obvious to everyone else on the forums. If you sound like a marketer instead of a real person, people will feel an automatic aversion to you. #7 Remember That Posting on Forums Is a Privilege Forum posting is a privilege that is granted by the web site that hosts the forums.

If you disobey the rules that have been established by the web site for forum posting, it is highly likely that you will be kicked off the forums and not allowed back. Now that you have learned the rules for posting on forums, lets talk about blogs and how they can be a useful traffic tool. Posting on blogs is easy. Getting blog traffic is not. There are a lot of blogs out there and only so many blog readers to go around. If you are thinking about posting on a blog or if you are already doing blog posting but not getting the kind of traffic you want, there are a few things you can do to make your blogs more interesting than some of the other blogs you are competing with.

Research Prior to Posting on Blogs
Blogs that get a lot of blog traffic have one thing in common: they cover topics that people are interested in reading about. To make sureyour topics will be of interest to the general public it is a good idea to research various topics before posting on a blog . You can perform general searches on the Internet to see what's popular and hat's not. You can also read other blogs that are similar to yours. If they have high traffic and lots of comments, they are probably hitting on good topics.

Consider Your Tone before Posting on Blogs
Blogs are different than news stories. People read a blog because they want to hear opinions along with facts. And as crazy as it might sound, people want to hear YOUR thoughts. Don't be afraid to state your case or add commentary when posting to blogs. Personal opinions, tone, and writing style all help to draw in regular traffic. So, consider these things carefully before posting on a blog. They will have a huge impact on your success.

You Can Get More Blog Traffic with Short Posts
Posting on a blog is slightly different than posting on other types of web pages. Blog readers like short posts--really short posts. Short gs are fun and easy to read. Long blogs, on the other hand, look intimidating and time consuming. If you want people to actually read what you are posting on a blog or if you'd like to see repeat traffi for a blog it is a good idea to present as much information as you can in a limited number of words. A good rule of thumb when posting a blog
is to keep each post under 250 words.

Think About Blog Traffic Posting On Blogs
Quality doesn't always equal success when posting on blogs. There are lots of good blogs out there that don't get a lot of traffic for blogs. The reason is because nobody knows they exist. You can avoid this pitfall by thinking about blog traffic before you begin posting on a blog. Things to consider specifically include keywords and keyword phrases. If you can use natural keyword placement in the blog's title and throughout the body of the text, your posts stand a better chance of making it into search engine rankings and a better chance of drawing more traffic.

Always Think About Your Readers When Posting On Blogs
When posting on a blog nothing is more important than your traffic for a blog (a.k.a. your audience.) Some of the things readers like to see on blogs include: snappy headlines, bulleted or formatted lists, links, and information that is easy to scan.

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