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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

10 Online Marketing Sales Techniques To Explode Your Income by Timothy McGaffin

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While doing research for articles for this blog I have come across some great articles. This post contains an article I found useful and thought it would be good to pass it along to my readers. Just as mentioned in the about the author section at the end of my articles feel free to post a comment.

Are you searching for online marketing solutions to add more consistent sales with your online or offline business? Implementing some of these online marketing sales techniques will multiply your bottom-line.

1. Do not make the assumption your audience already understands the terminology in your ad copy. If you use vocabulary, the general public does not understand, make sure you define those words.

2. Become a member of as many online business clubs which match the target market of your online business. The more clubs you register for and the closer they are targeted to your online market means the more sales you will make from the added quality exposure.

3. Create valuable contacts with other online businesses and marketers. You can trade advertising resources auch as banners, links, ads, and by doing so you will be promoting one another through your unique partnership.

4. Viral marketing is a very effective marketing strategy because it leverages the power of the Internet automattically. This can be done by writing an e-book or special report or creating a valuable marketing newsletter. As long as the information you provide is valuable, then encourage your users to pass it along to others and essentially this will create a hands free method of marketing that will continue to spread like a disease.

5. Dominate your competition and hold your own against the major national and worldwide corporations by providing quality customer service and fast and reliable shipping and communication.

6. Sign-up to participate in website awards. When you win other sites will display your online business with a link leading back to your business.

7. Improve your sales and credibility by providing a section for customers to give feedback. Consistent feedback creates valuable realtionships and improves your bottom line by providing surveying data you can implement back into your sales by providing more solutions to more problems opinions.

8. Design your packaging so it appeals to your customers. Isolate clear and simple graphics and text. Also use colors when appropriate to highlight the most important benefits of your products and company.

9. Make comparisons between the benefits of your products and service to the benefits of your competitors. If you have some noticeable advantages, your competitors will begin to lose sales to you.

10. Provide valuable content on your web site that will appeal to your audience and help to provide solutions to their circumstances. This can be done by having original textual content separate from your competitors and also by having links that lead to related websites within your niche.

Exercising just some of these online sales techniques will explode your online sales and be a source of a more consistent and automated income.

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