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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Top 5 Social Media You Can Use to Boost Your Website Ranking 

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If you are intending to open up your own website and want to go ahead and optimize it so that your website is among the top websites on any major search engine than you can use any of the top social media sites to your advantage. Of course, you will have to dedicate a good amount of time from your hectic schedule to dedicate it for the marketing of your website but the good part about these social media websites is that they are available for free. Hence, all you need to do is register with them and start circulating your website links to different people who will soon become your stepping stones to success. 

If you are looking for the best social media site than you can never leave out Facebook. This social media site has become a symbol of global communication and sharing and therefore you will find huge audience on Facebook that will be ready to explore your website link. You can make friends here and than share your links and pictures as well. 

Twitter is another social media site that you should not miss out because there are millions of people connected to twitter every single second and with so many people connected you can imagine the number of people that you can reach if you pass on the link of your upcoming website. 

MySpace is also one of the top social media websites that can change your luck beyond imagination. The site has more users than Facebook because it allows users to customize their profiles and do different activities while they are online. 
Bebo which is owned by AOL is also a good social media website where you can register for free and spread out the word about your new website that you have launched. 

Hi5 is probably one of the oldest social media sites which you can use for providing the links and pictures of your website that would attract more visitors on your website.
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