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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Make Money Online

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When it comes to online advertising, it is important to learn how to find a good affiliate program. You will be able to get your online business to prosper and bring in a steady source of income if you have a good affiliate marketing program. How do you know if a prospective affiliate is reliable or not? According to several online forums, here are the factors you should check when you are doing your search for the most effective affiliate program:

First, ask about their commission. It is not always the commission rate that is the most important, it the actual amount that you will be paid. The program may offer up to 75%, but you promote items worth $50, thus you only get $37.50, compared to a program that offer only 30% commission, but you promote items worth $200. Always remember, being and affiliate is your internet business at home so you must know how much you are going to get.

Conversion ratio is the next thing you need to check, percentages count a lot here. You might have to market to 100 targeted leads, but how many of them would actually sign up and purchase the items you promote? If you want to be able to calculate how much commission you will get as well as how it compensates your marketing efforts you need to be able to know how to make purchase forecasts. Suppose you sent 100 visitors to your affiliate sales page, but only one signed up, then there’s only a 1% ratio. However, if your item has a 10% conversion ratio, 10 out of 100 people will purchase your items.

In order to have a good idea of your earnings you will need to combine the commission rates with the conversion ratios and this will give you an estimate. To help affiliates understand how to get the most out of the program they are signed up with a lot of article marketers write about this very thing.

It is also important that you look at the sales page of the affiliate that you are planning to represent. The sales page will give you an idea of how credible the company is both in selling items and inhandling their affiliate business. Some companies simply hire araticle marketers who only write purely sales content without trying to inform readers what the product is even about. If they do not offer valuable information, it is not likely that people will sign up and buy their products, so be careful.

It is also important to check out the companies terms and conditions, particularly how you are going to get paid. By reading up on the terms, conditions, payment options, payout conditions, etc. you will find out how and when you will get paid. You will also find out what is expected of you as far as quota and if you have to earn a certain amount before they send out a check and so forth. This may take extra time but it is worth it..

Cliff Posey, owner of Websites That Succeed at provided this article. Cliff also ownd Love Song Cared and Radio Career Consultants and has had success with all these sites,

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